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As we approach the long Easter weekend,

in the midst of many stories of real adversity and awful personal loss, I’ve yet again seen a week of tangible and committed energy being put towards emerging positively from this crisis with lasting changes across many fronts of the aviation and aerospace industry. Nobody can really predict what the future holds but we know it will be different, not least because we will have changed. In this season of ‘renewal’ though, I do really feel confident that we will emerge more resilient, entrepreneurial and agile. Nothing tests us more than seemingly insurmountable challenges. Some of the big changes that people and businesses are making will become the new ‘norm’ and what started out as ‘force shaping’ naturally becomes the way we do things. This applies to operations, manufacturing, design and new concepts. I look forward to playing my small part in shaping some of the changes. Wherever you are, I hope that you remain as safe and well as possible. Onwards and upwards!

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