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The Aviation Industry is suffering very badly at the moment at the hands of the fall-out of Covid19

and it is affecting many people’s livelihood in ways that we could not have imagined even a few months ago! Whilst we all are rightly focusing on our families and friends and protecting and minimising the effect on every single person - young or old - across the world by maximising the focus on the front-line health sector, please remember that adversity often brings out the very best in us. At times like this we often think of completely different ways of approaching a problem that previously seemed totally insurmountable. In the aviation world, we will bounce back but the world will be very different and we will all need to adapt. We need to think of new and innovative ways of approaching our world of aviation, civil or military, to be fit for the future! What do you think will be different and how do you think we should approach it? Please post below or DM me and I’d love to discuss the post-Covid 19 Aviation world with you.

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